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Know How To Overcome Natural Baldness From Which To Medicines

Although generally more likely to occur in the elderly, but baldness can actually occur at any age. Most people will start to go bald at the age of 50 years, while most of them occurred in less than 21 years of age. Then how to anticipate baldness? Let us find out from now.

In addition to the aging process, there are various conditions of health problems that can cause baldness, such as vitamin deficiency, menopause, to thyroid disorders. However, genetic factors play a role that is equally important. Men were one of the family members have experienced hair loss are more likely to go bald than those who did not.

Keep in mind that hair loss a person can vary according to each pattern baldness. There are times when baldness forms a pattern resembling the shape of M or could also occur only in the temples or at the top of the head.

Besides disturbing confidence, baldness can affect hair health in general, especially if left untreated. Therefore, understanding the ways of coping with baldness from spreading is a crucial thing, is not it? Let's discuss one by one.
Meet the nutritional needs

A nutritionist asserts that meet the nutritional needs is one of the best natural ways to tackle baldness. Protein is important to nourish and maintain the strength of the hair. This requirement can be met by the consumption of 4-5 servings of nuts, milk, and eggs every day. In addition, consumption of a variety of foods each day, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lean meats are also recommended.
Not excessive styling hair

Straighteners, hair dryer, until a meeting, toothed comb that can exacerbate hair loss and baldness. Avoid using these tools in excess. Cut short hair can also reduce the risk of baldness. Instead, wash your hair too often it also causes hair loss.
hair transplant

Transplantation is done by moving the hair from a fertile area for later transplanted into the balding area. The advantage of this method is permanent and looks natural.
Siasati with a different hairdo

You can consult with you to find a barber hairstyle may disguise baldness or make hair look thicker.
wearing a wig

The wig can be used, especially if a person has experienced a severe baldness. Wig worn can also be customized with color, texture, and style hair as desired. There is also a wig worn with sewn directly to the natural hair. The advantage, types of wigs can be worn in a variety of different activities, such as swimming.
psychological side

Prevent hair loss can be done in a way to relieve stress. Stress can trigger an increase in the production of sex hormones (androgens) that causes hair loss. In addition, there are times when baldness can cause psychological distress, such as low self-esteem. At this time, counseling may be needed to boost confidence.
How to Use O bat medicines to Treat Baldness?

Medications also can be a way to overcome baldness. However, such drugs in general, a drug used to treat baldness also contain side effects. Here are the two most commonly used drugs.

Minoxidil is a drug that is applied to the scalp to stimulate the growth of hair follicles so that new hair growth while slowing down the process of hair loss. Generally, the results will only be felt after use four months to one year. However, the use of minoxidil can bring side effects such as irritation, dry scalp to feel sore on the scalp.

It should be wary of is when you experience more severe side effects, such as chest pain, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, swelling of certain body parts, as well as weight gain. Immediately consult a doctor if symptoms of this kind occur.

Finasteride is an oral medical drug consumed to slow hair loss in men by blocking the production of hormones that cause hair loss. However, the results of which drugs will only be felt once used regularly for three months to a year is also not without side effects. Depression, rash, itching, pain during ejaculation, as well as chest pain, are some of the harmful side effects that can be experienced finasteride drug users. It is rare, but it is also the drug can trigger breast cancer.

Always consult use of the above drugs to doctors to minimize the risks that may be encountered.

In general, changing lifestyles become more positive as quitting smoking can be a way to overcome baldness. If it is very disturbing or feared to be a symptom of a dangerous condition, immediately consult a doctor to get proper treatment according to the condition of each.

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