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Turns Exercise Routine Helps Increase Appetite

Increase appetite can be done in various ways, one of them is exercise. You may be surprised because during exercise, especially aimed at slimming the body and control obesity. Regular exercise with the right dose is associated with weight loss, although not all people who exercise regularly have an effect on weight loss.

There are allegations that regular exercise can increase hunger and eventually increase appetite. Uniquely, this only happens under certain conditions and may not be experienced by everyone.

Why should sport be able to lose weight can actually increase appetite? Logically, when you undergo a physical activity or exercise, you use energy. Of course, the longer the move, then this energy will be drained. Therefore, you will feel hungry and need food. This is where the level of increased appetite.
How to Increase Appetite

In addition to exercising regularly to increase appetite, you can help improve your appetite with the following ways.
Eating a diet that is rich will nutrients

Limit foods high in fat and sugar from fast food because this food group contains high calories that make full so that you are no longer in the mood for eating healthy foods. In addition, the food is fast food, in fact, insufficient daily nutritional needs. Instead, consume fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins with ample servings.
Prepare meals interesting

To whet your appetite, especially at mealtimes, prepare food that looks interesting. Colorful foods can make you be like to eat, although it does not feel hungry. Give an ornament of tomatoes, broccoli, or other vegetables are colored to food looked appealing. Noteworthy, the food is not a just decoration that makes food so beautiful, but it is a healthy food ingredient that must be consumed to add nutrients the body. So, do not let the food decoration is left on your dinner plate.

Also, try to create a menu of new dishes or try the menu that you have never tried before. Do not forget, create a fragrant dish by adding spices or herbs. Do not dismiss it because of the sense of smell shares increase appetite.
Eating smaller portions, but more often

The food in small amounts to be more appetizing. Conversely, foods with large portions tend to make you lazy first time see the food. Another advantage, the food in small portions easier to prepare. Therefore, prioritizing the supply of food that you like in small portions, of course, do not forget to add nutritious foods. For example, add the vegetables as a side dish or cheese companion on sandwich meat that you create.
Sports Do not Need Excessive

Increase appetite by way of exercise can indeed be an option, but not to excessive exercise. A study that has been conducted on animals proved that physical pressures and/or emotional actually trigger more body wants sugar or fat intake, or even both.

On the one hand, stress can make appetite decreased, especially in the short term. This can occur because when the stress, the hypothalamus in the brain produces the hormone corticotropin that is inhibiting appetite.

Conditions will change when stress continues. At this time, the hormone cortisol will increase coupled with a combination of insulin hormone levels that are too high. In effect, increased appetite so naturally triggers the body to look for high-fat foods and sugar, because it is, in fact, the substance of fat and sugar can make the body feel comfortable. To be safe from such possibilities, avoid excessive exercise. This is because heavy exercise will cause the body to produce more of the hormone cortisol for a while. While exercise at low intensity tends to reduce the hormone cortisol in the body.

After reading the above, you must already know that it increases the appetite is not just a matter of eliminating hunger, but also as a business in order to keep your nutritional needs is met. Thus, you stay healthy and can move comfortably.

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