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7 Things You Need To Do The Candidate's Father

Not only a pregnant woman who often feel overwhelmed, a prospective father also has a variety of new feelings in her mind. Most dads may feel worried, panic, fear, or even as not ready to be a father when welcoming the Small One. This is because the wife's pregnancy brought major changes in life that require major adjustments anyway.

Everything mixed emotions so it is actually a normal thing. Emotions felt expectant fathers could even be more intense when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. But it is in fact half of all pregnancies are not planned.

If you are a prospective father, try to spend time with friends who have a family, preferably with a friend who has a newborn. You can discuss to obtain inputs on the preparation to be a father as well as how to care for the baby.

Towards the end of pregnancy, when the wife's pregnancy ranges from 27-40 weeks, the fetus can be very heavy so that wives often feel tired and cranky. Pregnant women are also likely to feel the fear of undergoing labor later. Plus, when the wife is on maternity leave from her job, she may feel lonely at home. In conditions like this, it takes the support and understanding from you. Calm wife and give her the motivation to stay optimistic in facing labor. In addition, there are much more that you can do to support all become more fluent.

Living a Healthy Habit Together

A healthy diet will become easier to apply when lived together. Therefore, you need to apply a healthy diet and other healthy habits that his wife was also compelled to do so. If you are a smoker, muster all resources and efforts to quit smoking, do not smoke near minimal wife because of exposure to secondhand smoke is very harmful to the fetus.

More Sensitive In Sex Life

Generally, there is no medical reason for the absences have sex when she is pregnant. But during pregnancy, there are women who are reluctant to have sex and there is also the opposite. Whatever the circumstances, still be considered normal. When the Mother is a type that is not tasteful to sex during pregnancy, that my father had to be patient and understand the circumstances of this one.

If not possible to have sex, look for other ways to stay close to each other to always talk well. Conversely, if allowed to have sex, remember that the possibility of breast wife feels pain in the early weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, make sure the wife feels comfortable and it's good to try different sex positions during pregnancy. To be sure, delay having sex if there is bleeding or pain wife.

Start Learn Basic Knowledge on Childbirth Process

Accompany his wife when pregnant women take a class. In the classroom, Dad can learn massage techniques pregnantly and manage pain during labor. An example of how the role of the father in the back of the head and shoulders holding wife while training. Pregnant massage procedure was not without purpose, but to help his wife in order to live a more smoothly delivery. Discuss with your wife about what could make him comfortable.

In addition, try to accompany his wife to see her every time the doctor told him to be able to gather information and ask questions, as well as to hear the fetal heartbeat and see an image of the fetus on a sonogram. There is no harm if you both see the situation at the hospital just to see the situation in the labor room. Do not forget to map out the best route to a maternity hospital your choice.

Contribute Directly Relieve Household Tasks

Now is the time for dads to start sharing the housework. Here are some chores you can do.

  • Start preparing for a new baby home to make home improvements or renovations that have been neglected.

  • Grocery shopping or just bring the groceries that his wife is not exhausted.

  • Cooking for a wife. This one is helping alleviate the busyness wife at home, and so he can more easily eat that it needs.

Remember that pregnant women require ideal nutrient supply in order to maintain their own health and the fetus.

Standby time to become husband who Dependable

Here is a list of prospective father preparations which can be very useful in the final weeks of pregnancy wife.

  • Make sure you can be reached anytime, do not forget to always turn on the phone.

  • Keep important numbers on the phone, such as the number of hospitals, ambulance, gynecologist wife, a number of parents, and any other number that can be contacted in times of emergency.

  • Decide how his wife drove to the hospital, whether by private car, an ambulance, or other. When using your own car, make sure gas is always available and the machine is working properly. Long before the estimated day of delivery, Dad can test drive a car in advance to find out how long it takes roughly from home to reach the hospital. Find out about detours for traffic.

  • Remember to pack their own bags containing snacks, camera, cell phone, charger, and power bank. Bersiagalah to help his wife pack the goods for delivery.

  • If you already have children, just leave them as long as his wife was in a maternity hospital, for example by ordering a daycare or daycare. To be sure you are always able to entrust the children to parents or relatives who can be trusted.

Getting Ready For The Wife Childbirth

Of course, my wife who will undergo the toughest section during labor, but you also have an important role because he would need assistance. By accompanying childbirth, you can help provide various needs of his wife during childbirth. If needed, you had to commute to purchase or find what was needed wives, besides being a liaison with family members during her childbirth.

But if Dad can not accompany the mother to have her baby, discuss it and look for alternative solutions, for example, think about who could accompany his wife during childbirth.

Preparing Your baby View for the First Time

Seeing your baby is born into the world can be an incredible experience. After Little was born, the nurse will hand over the baby to you. Do not feel hesitant or afraid to Baby. Hugging herself tightly with your body.

However, do not just admire your little baby, learn how to take care of him as well. Find out how to change diapers or bathing the baby, bring snacks and drinks to the mother when the baby suckling from mother's milk (ASI), or giving a pacifier when the baby to suckle from the teat in constant sterilize pacifiers. With help care for the baby, your wife can rest after a grueling labor. Take advantage of this moment to build a bond between you and your baby.

In addition to seven of the above, the prospective father can dig up more information about labor and how to care for newborns. Look for a variety of information on this website, the more my father knew, that my father could further help.

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