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UV Rays Not Only Skin Harms

As living beings, humans need the sunshine to get vitamin D. Vitamin D makes bones stronger and helps the body more easily absorb the calcium. However, too much exposure to UV rays can negatively impact the body.

UV light is basically sunlight that reaches the earth. UV light is divided into several types, as for the type commonly known UV rays are UVA and UVB. Both types of UV light if exposed to excess can have an impact on the health of the body.

The adverse effects on the health of the body that may occur, such as eye health problems, health problems from acute or chronic skin (skin sunburn or erythema), and immune system disorders.

In the long term, excessive exposure to UV rays can cause eye inflammation reaction, actinic keratosis, photodermatosis, as well as degenerative changes in the skin cells, blood vessels, and fibrous tissue.

Here are some of the effects of UV rays to your health by type:

UVA rays Impact To Health

UV rays this one can cause long-term skin damage.

Impact of UVB rays for Health

Meanwhile, although UVB rays can help the body get vitamin D, but also can lead to several conditions. For example, such as cataracts, sunburn or sunburn , and skin cancer. The intensity of the UV light that will rise on the plateau area, close to the equator, and at noon.

Know How to Protect Skin from UV rays Impact

  • Now you already know the impact of UV exposure, is not it? Not only harmful to the health of the skin but also can affect eye health. Here are some ways you can do to protect yourself from excessive exposure to UV rays:

  • Use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 In order to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, choose a sunscreen that says " broad-spectrum " on the packaging.Remember to use your skin 15 minutes before sun exposure and use a sunscreen returned after about 1 hour of usage.

  • Do not leave your skin exposed to direct sunlight In addition to using sunscreen, you can also use a closed clothing to protect your skin. Such as long-sleeved clothing, long pants, and a hat with wide edges.

  • Avoid exposure to the sun at certain times as much as possible, avoid exit or prolonged exposure to sunlight at 10:00 to 14:00 pm.

  • Use sunglasses Sunlight not only harm your skin, but also the eyes. Therefore, use sunglasses that have UV protection.

Although UV rays can have a bad effect on health, it does not mean you avoid the light altogether. Because basically, the UV rays also have health benefits as long as it is not exposed too long and avoid it at any given time.

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