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Sensitive Skin Recognizing And Handling The Right Way

Your skin never had more than three unusual reaction after use of a skin care product or itching of the skin due to fragrance products? If true, then chances are you have sensitive skin. In order to know how to handle it, we must first know the cause the skin to become sensitive to prevent irritation of the skin is not repeated.

Sensitive skin is a skin condition that overreacts to environmental factors. This excess skin reaction often experienced when using cosmetics, soap, shampoo, or lotion sunscreen. The sensitive skin condition can deteriorate when exposed to the air is dry and cold. Although the not always detectable sign of irritation, itching, burning, stinging or the sensation of tight skin is generally always there.


What Distinguishes with Sensitive Skin Allergies?

Many people think their skin is sensitive, but it could be just a mistake choosing products with ingredients that do not correspond to the type of skin you have. On the other hand, an allergic reaction occurs when the immune system becomes active in the fight against foreign substances that invade the body considered. As a result, the skin becomes visible:

  • redden

  • Itchy or burning

  • Swell

Specifically, an allergic reaction to the use of a product (cream facials, hair, nail polish) or any other materials that come into direct contact with the skin.

While on sensitive skin conditions, the problem is not the material or product, but generally how much or how often use. For example, the effect of our products typically contains acid. You may be fine after using the serum vitamin C 10 percent, but when the serum was increased to 20 percent, then your skin can become irritated. You do not completely allergic to these materials, but irritated. With different formulas, the impact will probably be fine.

What Causes Skin Be Sensitive?

Each person has a sensitive skin reaction triggers different, of which could be caused by exposure to pollution and changes in temperature. Some can be triggered by diet habits that lead to rapid weight loss and / or the effects of a particular treatment. Basically, these conditions can weaken the durability of the outer skin layer. As a result, skin irritation, hot, and peel. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid extreme temperatures and exfoliate the skin once a week. Also recommended for sensitive skin owners to choose skin products without fragrance, without active ingredients as strong as retinoids or glycolic acid seat with minimal preservatives.

Other causes so the skin becomes sensitive are changed very often and skin care products are excessive. Many skin care products that are available and encourage users to repeatedly replace the product in order to produce a better change. However, replacing the products constantly and too often do exfoliate dead skin with active ingredients can damage the skin's defense, rather than build up protection for the skin.

Step Handling Sensitive Skin Can Be Done?

Sensitive skin prone to inflammation. We must handle it properly and appropriately. Chronic inflammation can lead to a reduction of collagen so that the impact of the effects of aging become more rapid.

To handle sensitive skin, some steps can be taken:

  • Select products specifically for sensitive skin. Remember, the more variety of chemicals contained in a product, the higher the possibility of a reaction of the skin. Generally, organic skin care products contain fewer chemicals, but the content of plant extracts can still cause allergic skin.

  • If there is a rash, avoid the rash from sun exposure and protect the rash by wearing clothes covered (if contained in the body) or cap (if there is on the face). Each no rashes, skin is also prone to infection, such as staph or MRSA are dangerous and have serious impacts. So, when you suspect an infection, contact your doctor immediately to receive treatment with antibiotics if necessary.

  • In general, not a good use of cream medication, such as cortisone or lidocaine, before consulting the cream of drugs that contain chemicals can aggravate the rash.

  • Waking resilience skin protection by consuming omega-3 fatty acids, such as flaxseed oil and fish oil.

  • Do not overload your skin. Spend a few days without makeup on the face.

Sensitive skin can change quickly, ranging from disturbances that are considered moderate to eventually become chronic. If the irritation is more severe, see your doctor immediately.

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