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Understanding Bald

Bald or medical term alopecia is hair loss that is generally permanent. One type is alopecia areata which will be discussed in this article.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease, a condition in which the immune system attacks the body itself. Therefore, this condition does not include infectious diseases.

Experts suspect that genetic factors have a major influence as a trigger for this condition.If you have family members who go bald, your risk of suffering from the same condition.Other autoimmune conditions such as lupus or diabetes type 1 also potentially increase the risk of baldness.

Symptoms Bald

Baldness experienced could occur on the hair on the head or other body parts. The severity also varies, there are bald in one place and nothing at the same time in some parts.

The early symptoms of baldness are the appearance of a bald spot on the hair on the head or other parts, such as the eyebrows or beard . The size of the bald formed also diverse.This indication will generally accompany by an increase in the amount of hair loss.

In addition to hair, baldness also sometimes affect the fingernails and feet. For example, appeared spots or white lines on the nails, nails that turn dull and rough, and the tip of the nail bumpy.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Bald

This condition is generally diagnosed through a pattern of hair loss occurs. Examination of the roots of hair and skin biopsies also sometimes be performed to confirm the diagnosis. If necessary, blood tests will be recommended in order to determine whether patients suffering from other autoimmune diseases.

Baldness including incurable diseases. There were experiencing a permanent basis, but there are also people with that hair can grow back.

Handling is usually undertaken by the patient aims to accelerate the growth of the hair.Measures of treatment can be given:

  • Minoxidil. Most people with this new drug benefit after using it for about four months.

  • Corticosteroids. These drugs will suppress the immune system and are available in the form of injectable drugs, topical, and drink. Most sufferers who use this medicine will feel the impact in a few months.

  • Anthralin. Just like corticosteroids, this drug affects the immune system. After smeared and allowed to stand for a maximum of one hour, anthralin must be washed clean to prevent skin irritation.

In addition to medical treatment, hair loss can also be treated with a wig (wigs) are derived from natural or synthetic hair. This is the most practical steps for the type and form of wigs available also vary. In addition to practical, use a wig can increase the confidence of people with hair loss has affected their appearance.

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