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Right Breast Care Post-Weaning

The decision weaning or stop giving milk to children naturally a real impact on your breast. The impact can be a breast swollen and uncomfortable for some time. But do not worry, breast care can be done to overcome and avoid more serious impacts.

Even if you stop breastfeeding, breast milk (ASI) still produce and can take up to several weeks later. Actions that should be done is to stop breast-milk gradually so naturally diminished. With the gradual weaning like this, then the physical effects that make them feel uncomfortable, such as breast swelling, mastitis, and blockage of the ducts, can be avoided safely. However, the potential medical disorders should be suspected when the amount of milk that was issued is not reduced for months after weaning. These symptoms should be discussed with your doctor immediately.

In addition, the impact of post another breastfeeding could make the breast shape is not the same or asymmetric. It is possible one breast larger than the other breast. Basically, breast tissue extends into the armpit. When the network is enlarged due to water-filled milk, then shrink again after breastfeeding, breast contour lines can be changed. However, it only changes that do not need to worry and do not require medical attention.

Reduce Swelling and Pain In Breasts

During the weaning process, there should be proper breast care, especially in overcoming the effects of the appearance of swelling and pain. If the breasts feel full of milk, then try to pump your milk one until exhausted and then pump enough until you feel discomfort or pain has subsided. However, to do this if you feel really uncomfortable because the breast is swollen. Other breast treatments you can do is drink two cups of sage tea every day to help dry milk.

Another way to relieve breast engorgement post-weaning is to compress the breast with cabbage leaves. After a few moments as the cabbage leaves wilt, replace with a new leaf. Repeat until the breast does not feel solid again. If no cabbage leaves, you can also compress the breast with ice or a cloth dipped in cold water. The aim of this cold compress the blood flow in the breast resulting in lower milk production. These efforts can also reduce pain and make you feel more comfortable.

 Also do About It for Breast Care after Weaning

In addition to ways to relieve the swelling, there are several things to note in the post-weaning breast care, including:

  • Breast massage regularly, especially if you feel a lump in the breast. It could indicate a blockage of the ducts. Increase the duration of the massage on the area to remove the blockage. Compress the breast with warm clothes before doing the massage, then give a cold compress after massaging. Notice if the pain increases or there is a reddish color to the fever. This condition could indicate mastitis. Contact your doctor immediately if clumps do not disappear within a day or so of serious complications of mastitis can be treated quickly and appropriately.

  • If breast pain is still felt, take painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. The drug can help relieve pain and swelling.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget the adequate intake of vitamins and rest every night. Vitamin ensures adequate nutrition when the body is undergoing changes in post-weaning. While sleep is the best way for the body to restore and heal themselves.

  • Note the change in mood. Remember, the hormonal changes that occur after weaning process can affect your emotions and feelings.

  • Talk about the issues of post-weaning to health professionals, especially to a lactation consultant.

For the impact of post another breastfeeding, such as shape and size are not the same or loose, then the cosmetic surgery mastopexy can be a solution. This operation can help tighten or restore the position of the nipple and areola higher on the breast. However, before deciding to undergo this operation, required a complete and thorough breast examination from a doctor.

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