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Preventive Mastectomy To Prevent Breast Cancer Genetics

Preventive mastectomy is a medical procedure aimed at reducing the risk of breast cancer. As this procedure is medically proven to be very helpful, but still considered high invasive surgical procedures. In a sense, this surgery to save a high risk to patient health in general. Therefore, need to be considered and consulted with the doctor in detail before deciding to live.

Based on data from GLOBOCAN Cancer Research Agency in 2012, the recorded data is women who suffer from breast cancer in Southeast Asia is 240 thousand inhabitants. Of that number, about 110 thousand of which were not rescued. In the hope of avoiding such a dangerous disease, preventive mastectomy can be one reliable option. The purpose of this operation is to remove all breast tissue that could potentially develop into breast cancer.

Breast cancer can grow in the glandular tissue of the breast, especially on the channel and lobe (sac) milk. Both are located throughout the breast tissue from the collarbone to the bottom of the ribs as well as from the middle of the chest down to the side and under the arm. In a mastectomy, the entire network from under the skin in the chest wall and the perimeter of the chest will be eliminated. However, it is impossible to eliminate whole milk ducts and lobes considering the location and extent of the breast tissue.

Who Advised to Undergo Surgery Preventive Mastectomy?

In general, a woman's risk of having breast cancer would be higher if:

  • Having a mother, sister / brother, children with a history of breast cancer.

  • Over the age of 40 years.

  • The presence of an abnormal result on a previous breast biopsy.

  • Hormone replacement therapy for more than five years after menopause.

  • Owners who are at risk chromosomal gene mutation BRCA 1 or BRCA 2. This is the main indication for surgery preventive bilateral mastectomy.

  • Radiation therapy to the chest before age 30 years.

Additional risks also in women who had never been pregnant after the age of 30 years and menstruation before age 12 or menopause after age 55 years.

Measures preventive mastectomy is an operation of choice for individuals at high risk for breast cancer development.

To consider Preventive Mastectomy before surgery?

Before undergoing surgery, mastectomy patients have to undergo an intensive examination, including mammograms, breast MRI to detect if there are any cancer cells develop. In addition, this preventive mastectomy may be considered after we perform genetic examinations and counseling psychology to discuss the psychosocial impact of the procedure.

For women who choose to undergo a preventive mastectomy, now it is possible to do the mastectomy combined with breast reconstruction procedures as soon as possible. Many women feel glad after choosing mastectomy with improvements. The operation is not an approach that is recommended for all persons at high risk, but it could mean a lot to some people.

Based on research about the psychosocial impact of preventive mastectomy, most women at high risk who are doing this procedure are experiencing a reduction in the levels of stress and psychosocial difficulties do not experience. In General, women who have undergone preventive mastectomy were satisfied with their decision to the top.

On the other hand, the procedure has some mastectomy risks. Mastectomy patients will be exposed to the side effects of for anesthesia, bleeding, pain due to infection, anxiety attacks, and disappointment. After the surgery is performed, a breast exam on a regular basis remains suggested.

There are several other options in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer in the future, among other things:There are several other options in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer in the future, among other things:

Early examination

Suitable for a woman who is at high risk of developing cancer of the breast, as this effort is judged as effective in detecting cancer at an early stage so that cancer can still be treated.

The use of drugs

There are certain drugs that function-blocking the effects of estrogen, such as tamoxifen. These drugs can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 50 percent.

Live a healthier life

Lifestyle changes that can be done are to undergo a special diet to gain weight. Avoid the smoking habit and limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages is also believed to be able to lower their risk of developing breast cancer.

Basically, everyone has different conditions. Therefore, in order to be able to decide which measures are best for yourself, it's important to talk about it to a doctor in order to discuss all the possibilities available.

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