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Healthy Financial, Healthy Pula Your Family

Money is not everything. But no doubt, the economy became one of the determinants of health in the family. The better the financial conditions in a family, the better the level of their health. Not only health, good economics can impact both on the quality of family life as a whole.

Every family wants to continue to live healthy, happy and prosperous. Keeping the family economy can help to realize them. As breadwinners, parents are advised to keep the financial situation to remain stable. One way is by setting aside income for the future savings or embed a bit of your income on something positive.

Here are some explanations that states that have a sound financial impact can be good also in the health and quality of life as a whole:

  • Better health. When a family has a good financial condition, the possibility of family members experiencing stress or frustration smaller. In the medical world, stress is the trigger of various kinds of diseases such as sleep disorders, diabetes, hypertension or heart attack.

  • Harmonious family. Many debt or poor financial condition could trigger an argument with your partner. This could be bad for the kids who heard the quarrel.So, if your family's financial condition is healthy, the atmosphere in your house can feel more harmonious.

  • Education of children is assured. Children who pocketed higher education is often associated with good health, a good sense of self-confidence, as well as a decrease in the level of stress in living his life.

  • Could support a child in a conducive environment. Have sufficient money allows you to have a house with a decent environment to live with the family. Conditions such as the home environment can affect both the health of your family.

Therefore, go ahead , get used to not spend money on things that are less important and do not need your family. Better allocate part of the revenues to be saved, used as a positive investment, and lead a simple life and efficient.

Oia , lifestyle above does not mean you should only spend money on future supplies only. You may, anyway , used the money to please yourself and your family members in the present, as long as it is not excessive.

For example, every two weeks once you invite a family meal in the restaurant or on vacation every few months. Events like this not only make your family better health, but also can make them happier and closer relationships between family members.

Besides it is used to meet daily needs and savings, donated most of your income may also be performed. Believe it or not, sharing with others can make you happier, you know !

So, be prudent in managing finances. Do not let your income every month disappeared useless for things that are not useful. In addition to applying it to themselves, teach your children to learn to manage finances from an early age, so he has a good health provision in the future.

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