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The Husband, 'This Is What Your Wife Perceived When Childbirth

Deliveries wife lived very heavy and tiring. Three stages will be passed and it was so painful. Yes, you could say life and death are at stake at this time.

Actually childbirth every woman is different. However, generally speaking, your wife may feel the delivery process as described below.

Before entering the three stages of labor, your wife's body will be prepared in advance to face the important moments in his life. Signs of this might appear a few hours or days before entering the first stage of labor. Here are the signs that your wife may be experienced:

  • More emotional than usual. However, at this time, the body also may have more energy. For example, he could have been unexpectedly busy tidying up supplies for the Grassroots.

  • Having contractions that come and go.

  • Often complain of back pain.

  • Back and forth to the toilet because there is an urge to empty the stomach contents (such as heartburn).

Once you've seen the signs above appear on your wife, you'd better get ready. 

The first stage. At this stage your wife will have three phases, namely the initial phase, the active phase, and phase transitions.

The early phases of the process the longest during labor. Typically, for women who are first-time mother, this phase can last for several hours or days.

What did your wife feel? In the initial phase, the cervix has started to widen (3-4 cm) and mild to strong contractions already be felt. Besides contraction, your wife may also experience cramps, back pain, and discharge of blood from her vagina.

For some women, this is the phase that makes her uncomfortable. Well , to overcome such inconveniences, you could take a walk, massage her back, listening to soothing music, reminding him to practice breathing techniques, or help her find a comfortable position.

Then the active phase begins. In women who had given birth before, this phase lasts about 5 hours. However, in women who are pregnant for the first time, this phase can last 8 to 18 hours.

Entering this phase, cervical wife will be open from 4-10 cm. She felt contractions become strong, the emergence of the adjacent, and has begun to happen often. For example, he may be experiencing painful contractions during 50 to 60 seconds and occur every 3 to 4 minutes. The amniotic fluid would normally be broken in this phase, and the wife had to be at the maternity hospital.

Then the transition phase. This is the phase of the most powerful and very painful for your wife. Contraction appears to occur for 60 to 90 seconds and occur every 2 to 3 minutes. Contraction force can reach twice the previous.

At this time, the baby's head had already started moving down from the uterus.

The second stage. It is an exhausting time for your wife because she had to exert all his strength to remove the baby from the womb (the pushing). At present, the mouth of her uterus will be stretched as the baby's head will come out. These conditions can make your wife is experiencing tremendous pain.

Straining process can take about 30 minutes to two hours. The second stage could probably run longer if your wife's first experience of giving birth and if your wife is wearing an epidural anesthetic.

Bottom line, never tired to continue to support the physical and mental, because he was needed at this time. Throw a sentence that could make the spirit like, "Come on, darling, soon our children were born. You can do it."

The third stage. After your baby is born, your wife struggle has not stopped here. He will push to remove the placenta. Mild contraction may arise in order to facilitate the process of separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. Usually this process takes 10 minutes. However, the process can also be up to 60 minutes if he was not given an injection to speed up the process.

When the placenta has come out, your wife will be mixed feelings. Fatigue that is extraordinary, but it appears also feeling relieved and happy. After that, your wife is going through the process of sewing the intimate area torn from childbirth.

Viewed from the outside, the istrilah who seemed to struggle during the birthing process. However, the husband must also contribute in it. By knowing your wife experienced childbirth, at least you can get involved and feel the struggle in the delivery room.

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