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Fruit Juice For Diet Turns Negative Side Store

There is an assumption that the fruit juice to diet is healthier than eating the whole fruit because the nutrients are more rapidly absorbed by the body. But there is no scientific evidence to prove this assumption.

Fruit juice for the detox diet often used by people with the most extreme way, by eating only fruit and vegetable juices, and only eat a little more food. In addition to weight loss and detox, application of fruit juice to the diet is also said to be useful to enhance the body immunity, help digestion and reduce the risk of cancer. However, there are no studies showing that drinking the juice could lead to higher profits for the body than by eating it directly.


Reasons Eating Fruit Juice for Diet Not Recommended

Actual fruit juice can eliminate an important component of the fruit itself.

Here are the negative sides other than the application of methods of diet by eating only fruit juice:

  • Juices that are not immediately consumed on the same day would risk not worth taking because it invites bacteria.

  • Integrating different types of fruit in the juice actually led to increased calories.

  • Only fruit juice to make your diet will be more tempted to eat fatty foods because felt previously been self-limiting.

  • There are no studies that confirm the benefits of fruit juice to the diet as a means of effective detox. Kidney and heart have made the process of detoxification naturally with or without fruit juice drink.

  • Their possible interactions with certain medications if at the same time the culprit drug. For example, fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin K such as spinach may affect blood thinning drug action.

  • The body lacks protein risk a loss of muscle mass of the body.

When juicing then we would require a number of fruits and vegetables were more which means the concentration of a particular substance will also increase.

While the juice sold in the market contain sugar and calories with high levels that it risks increasing the weight. In conclusion, eating only fruit juice to the diet is not recommended because of its effect on the body. It is advisable to consume at least three to four servings of vegetables and two whole fruits of different colors to get a blend of different minerals and vitamins.

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