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Different Types And How To Measure Temperature Thermometer Appropriately

Normal human body temperature ranges from 36.6 ° -37 ° C celsius, it was when measured from the mouth. When measured from the rectum or ear, the temperature can be slightly higher. Meanwhile, if measured from the armpit, the average temperature so it was slightly lower than the temperature rectal and ear.

To measure body temperature, we need a tool whose name thermometers. Well, the thermometer also many kinds, ranging from conventional thermometers that use mercury (mercury), to the sophisticated digital thermometer. Here are some types of thermometers are commonly used:


  • Mercury thermometer. This kind of thermometer is no longer recommended for use as it could break and create toxic mercury is vaporized and inhaled.

  • Digital thermometer, made of plastic and shaped like a pencil. These thermometers usually use electronic heat sensors to record the temperature of the body through the mouth, armpit, or rectum.

  • Digital thermometer ear or tympanic thermometers, using infrared light to measure the temperature inside the ear canal. Keep in mind, this thermometer accuracy in measuring the body temperature can be interrupted if blocked earwax, or curvature of the ear canal.

  • Digital pacifier thermometer, suitable for children who use pacifiers. Little lived sucking on a pacifier until the highest temperature appears, or about 3-5 minutes.What kind of thermometer is likely to take longer to be able to measure the temperature of the body and not as accurate as other types.

  • Temporal artery thermometer, use infrared to measure the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead. High cost and questionable accuracy so that the thermometer is not generally used.

  • Forehead thermometer, made of thin plastic with the numbers written on the plastic thermometer is unfortunately not very accurate if used. How to use just put the thermometer on the forehead. The Later thermometer will change color or light up in a number corresponding to body temperature.

  • Disposable thermometer, made of thin plastic with colored dots and temperature sign at one end. These thermometers can be used in the mouth or anus, but will not be as accurate as electronic or ear thermometer.

Usually, if you want to measure body temperature, the most common thermometer will be inserted in the mouth. But did you know that it turns out the most accurate way to measure our body temperature is rectal? While armpit location accuracy is the lowest when compared to the rectum and mouth.

Measuring the temperature with a thermometer must by no means random. There are several steps that must be considered such as:

  • Wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes after you smoke, eat, or drink hot or cold liquids.

  • Wait at least one hour after exercise or a hot bath.

  • If using a thermometer oral (mouth), place the thermometer under the tongue and lips tightly katupkan.

  • Allow the thermometer in the mouth for a few moments. There is a digital thermometer that is accompanied by the sound of " beep " short when the measurement is completed.

  • If the finish is used to measure body temperature, do not forget to wash the thermometer with cold water and soap before they are restored.

If after measured with a thermometer and turns your body temperature more or less than the normal temperature, it is advisable to immediately go to the doctor to check the condition and get proper treatment.

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