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Tips To Overcome Itching Stomach While Pregnant

Not a few body changes during pregnancy cause complaints annoying. Itchy belly while pregnant, including one that pretty much complained.

Itching during pregnancy due to increased hormones and other chemicals in the body.For the abdomen, itching can be more so after entering late pregnancy , because abdominal skin that is increasingly stretched.

Itchy belly while pregnant is felt, possibly accompanied by itching and redness around the palms and soles. Do not worry, general itchiness will soon disappear soon after delivery.

To relieve stomach complaints annoying itching during pregnancy, following ways that can be done:

  • Use loose clothing. Clothes that fit in the skin are more at risk to swipe the skin, causing irritation. If necessary, select fabrics from natural materials such as cotton were comfortable. Avoid synthetic clothing material. In addition, pregnant women are also advised to avoid wool or denim thick, because this material can also trigger itching.

  • When pregnant belly getting bigger, not infrequently and then choose the type underwear or pants that cover the belly. However, for the experienced stomach itching during pregnancy is recommended choosing under the stomach to avoid irritation, as well as too much friction.

  • Mild soap and unscented to avoid irritation. Be sure to rinse with clean, use a towel to smooth after bathing. Pregnant women should also pay attention to the use of strong-smelling perfume because it is generally more at risk of skin irritation.

  • Avoid hot shower. Take a hot bath can cause dry skin and increase itching. We recommend bathing with cold water , then continue with the use of a moisturizer on the skin, can relieve itching. To help the skin moister, pregnant women can also use a moisturizing cream at night before bed and leave overnight.

  • It is important for pregnant women to ensure the body gets sufficient water intake to avoid dehydration, including the skin.

  • Being in the room with the air conditioning all day, it can make the skin dry. If would be helpful for hydration, use humidifiers in the room.

  • Pregnant women are advised to avoid too much in the open space that is too hot because it can trigger itching.

  • If the itching was very disturbing, pregnant women can use a cold compress on the itchy area.

Mild itching during pregnancy is generally not harmful to the fetus in the womb. But the itching that often occurs in the afternoon or evening, must be considered further.Likewise, if the increasingly unbearable itching or a rash, which is very disturbing.

To relieve the symptoms of itching during pregnancy tummy, you can practice the tips above. Still, do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately if the symptoms occur more serious or disrupt the activities of pregnant women.

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