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Why Pregnant Women Often Experience Swollen Eyes?

For Mother who is pregnant, have you ever wake up in the morning with eyes felt heavy and swollen? Eye swelling often occurs in pregnant women and to some extent can be considered normal. Even so, need to be aware also that the age factor and fatigue can make the eyes look more prominent pockets.

Swelling around the eyes or periorbital swelling medical term is often caused by a buildup of fluid in the tissue around the eye area called orbitals. Usually seen only minor swelling under the eye, although in some cases it can also be seen around the eyes. Eyes or periorbital tissue is an area that most clearly visible swelling when you wake up, it's likely due to gravity when our bodies lie to make the liquid back accumulated in the tissues.

Here are some of the causes of eye swelling in pregnant women.

  • Retention or fluid retention.   As the baby's weight increases, blood vessels in the abdomen and legs have experienced the pressure that makes the body fluids retained in certain areas, for example in the area of the eyes or other body areas.As a result appeared swelling of the eyes and skin of the face area, as well as in other related areas of the body.

  • Lack of sleep. Alias panda eye dark circles around the eyes and swelling of the eyes is the appearance of pregnant women in general, especially in the third trimester. This is because pregnant women often had trouble getting a good night's sleep, especially when hardly find a comfortable position. In the end, fatigue and poor circulation can cause the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  • Eating too much salt. This can lead to fluid retention and can cause puffy eyes.

How To Deal With Swollen Eyes

The ideal solution to overcome swelling of the eyes is to get more sleep. However, for the measures taken instantly, Mother can do the following.

  • Compress the eyes with cold water. Dampen a cloth with ice water and place it over the eyes for a few minutes. Cold temperature working constricts blood vessels thus preventing the flow of fluid into the tissues surrounding the eye. In the end, effective in eliminating swelling.

  • Change your diet and lifestyle for the better. For example, by reducing salt intake or prefer the consumption of foods rich in vitamins. The mother can also seek advice doctor or midwife about how diet and lifestyle are recommended.

  • Raising the position of the head while sleeping. Use several pillows to support the head in order to prevent the accumulation of fluids that causes puffy eyes due to gravity.

  • Manipulation cosmetics. When the swollen eyes felt disturbing appearance, you can also use makeup cosmetics to disguise it. Use the eye cream or serum containing peptides and aloe vera ( aloe vera ). These materials will help moisturize the eye area and reduce swelling. Meanwhile, to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, try using lightening creams eye area, though the results may not be directly visible.Therefore, if you want to immediately eliminate the panda eyes before going to a party invitation, apply also concealer designed specifically for the eye area.

Puffy eyes are usually just a minor annoyance on appearance for a while, but when the swelling that occurs noticeably severe and prolonged despite doing the above mitigation measures, consult a physician to anticipate the possible signs to serious medical conditions.

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