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Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency Anemia

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia can sometimes go undetected because it is very light. Symptoms appear in anemia depend on the severity of the anemia suffered. Here are some symptoms that often occur as a result of iron deficiency anemia:

  • tiredness

  • Easily offended

  • Appetite decreased. Especially if this condition occurs in infants or children.

  • Less energy

  • Hard to breathe

  • Pale face

  • Difficulty concentrating or thinking.

  • Dizziness  and  headaches

  • Loss of appetite

  • Legs and hands continues to feel the cold

  • Feel tingling in the feet

  • Swollen or sore tongue

  • Decreased immune system so prone to infection

  • Pain in the chest

  • Nails become brittle or easily broken

  • The hair is easily broken or fall

  • Palpitations or pounding sensation of the heart

Blood tests can be performed to confirm the diagnosis of anemia. Blood tests can also show if there is a shortage of iron or other substances required in the production of healthy red blood cells. See your doctor immediately if you experience symptoms such as the above.

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