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Signs You Probably Will Childbirth In Premature

Pregnancy lived every woman is different, including when delivery time comes. Because one thing and another, pregnant women could give birth prematurely or so-called preterm labor. Yuk , recognize the signs.

Normally, deliveries can occur when a pregnancy is 40 weeks old. However, in preterm labor, your body has started preparing to give birth before 37 weeks old pregnancy.

Premature delivery can result in health problems quite harmful to the baby. That's because he was born with the condition of the organs are not yet fully prepared to deal with life outside the womb.

Here are some signs your body is preparing to give birth prematurely:

  • Within an hour, you may have contracted as much as five times or more. Contraction perceived as a sense of pull in the abdomen accompanied by pain.

  • Experiencing cramps during menstruation.

  • Production increased vaginal fluids.

  • Bleeding from the vagina.

  • Exit watery fluid from the vagina. This condition may indicate that the water fetal membrane been broken.

  • There is a pressure in the pelvis that feels like the baby is already wanted out.

  • Pain in the lower back that had never felt before. Pain may come and go, but not subsided even though you've done a variety of ways to overcome them.

If you feel experiencing the above, consult your pregnancy doctor or midwife nearby. In addition, you can also try to do some things in order to minimize the occurrence of preterm birth, such as:

  • Empty bladder with urinary incontinence, but be sure to keep drinking several glasses of water to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can make you continue to experience contractions.

  • Avoid sleeping on your back as this might make the contractions increased.

  • It is advisable to lay down sideways to the left side of your body's position might mitigate or stop the signs of preterm labor.

When you feel symptoms do not disappear or are rampant after an hour to do the above actions, you should see a doctor. Later, the medical team will conduct tests to determine the measures to be taken. The inspection usually covers the fetal heart rate, maternal contractions, amniotic fluid, urine, opening the uterus, and ultrasound.
Based on the results of the examination, if possible you may be given some medicine to stop the condition. Drugs that may be given by the doctor such as intravenous fluids, drugs to relax the uterus and stop early labor, antibiotics, and drugs to accelerate fetal lung growth.

If your body is constantly want to show symptoms of fetal given birth or not in good condition, the doctor will be prepared to help put out the Grassroots to the world.

Preterm labor can happen to anyone, but some women at greater risk for this labor, among which are:

  • Weigh too thin or too fat before pregnancy.

  • Living a healthy lifestyle such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or use drugs.

  • The distance between pregnancies too quickly.

  • Certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders, or infection.

  • Pregnant with twins.

  • Contains fetus has certain birth defects.

  • Never experienced preterm labor or there are families who experience it.

  • Not keeping the good pregnancy, such as not regularly went to the doctor, or do not consume intake or vitamins needed for pregnant women.

If you include pregnant women who have been mentioned above, you are advised to be more vigilant if the body showed symptoms of preterm labor.

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