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Most Pregnant Women Eating Sweetener, Baby Can Obesity

Artificial sweeteners are commonly used as additives in products soft drinks, candy, cakes, and other desserts. For Mother who previously liked such products, it is advisable to limit right now, especially now that Mother was pregnant.

When trying to maintain their ideal body weight, one of the ways we take is to prefer the artificial sweeteners because it has no calories when compared to natural sugars that contain higher calories. But in fact, this may be a step in the wrong on certain conditions. People who drink diet soda turns heavier body weight than those who like regular soda. Experts are not entirely sure how it happened.

It could be due to the effects of artificial sweeteners can change our tastes toward less sweet foods, such as fruits being felt not too bad for us. Or perhaps it is due to the reaction of our body in digesting chemicals in artificial sweeteners. Alternatively, someone who chose diet soda was already satisfied with his diet so that should feel free to eat more calorie foods. However, whatever it is, there seems to be something in the artificial sweetener factor in the problem.

Risk of Obesity  in Children

A study involving more than 3,000 pregnant women found that those who consumed artificially sweetened beverages tend to have a baby who weighed above normal.

Most people might assume that fat baby looks cute and adorable, but they are not healthy for the baby. Obesity in infants can also be bad for their health and wellbeing in later development because babies who are overweight tend to grow into a child who later became fatter and fatter adults anyway. Infants of mothers who regularly consumed one or more sugar-sweetened beverages during pregnancy Artificial be twice as likely to be overweight at the age of 1 year.

Artificial Sweeteners are Dangerous for Pregnant women

Pregnant women Pregnant women alias, please read the information contained in the composition of the food or beverage packaging. Remember that artificial sweeteners following is not safe to take during pregnancy because it can cross the placenta and accumulate in fetal tissue.

  • Cyclamate.

  • Saccharin.

Artificial Sweeteners Still Safe to Eat

There are two categories of artificial sweeteners that may be consumed by pregnant women, but should still be in moderate amounts alias is not excessive, ie no-calorie artificial sweetener and contains no calories. But specifically regarding artificial sweeteners that contain calories, Mother should avoid or limit their consumption, especially if the mother suffered from diabetes and gestational diabetes.

The types of calorie artificial sweetener that must be restricted Mother, among others:

  • Sugar in the form of sucrose, dextrose, corn sugar ( corn sugar ), fructose, and maltose.

  • Sugar alcohols. Substances that this one is not sugar, but contains calories that can be converted into fat. Sugar alcohol found in many foods or beverages labeled sugar-free . Substances that are referred to by the sugar alcohol is xylitol, sorbitol, isomalt, mannitol, and hydrogenated starch ( hydrogenated starch ).

Meanwhile, noncaloric artificial sweeteners are considered safe to take during pregnancy, among others:

  • aspartame

  • sucralose

  • Rebaudioside A (Stevia)

  • Potassium aks sulfamate (Sunset)

As more secure, as much as possible avoid the food and beverage packaging because generally contain artificial sweeteners. Much more salubrious to make food and drink unsweetened them at home in addition to the high intake of water as well.Mother still allowed to consume soda or artificially sweetened drinks once in a while, as long as the Mother of the overall diet to stay healthy, such as eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and exercise regularly.

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