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Diary Pregnancy: Third Trimester

Hooray! Pregnancy has entered the third trimester (weeks 28 to 40th). That means your time to meet with Little already approaching. In this final trimester, you should be prepared to face a delivery.

For pregnant women, the third trimester might make the feeling of being anxious,excited , just not frivolous, duh . To avoid thoughts that are not clear, you better focus on doing things that are helpful in this trimester. Please note, well , in the diary of yours so that nothing is missed.

Monitor fetal movements.  Watching it is very important, you know , in order to detect abnormalities in Janine. Typically, at week 28, the fetal movement has begun to happen often as she can kick your stomach. Note when suddenly Janine inactive suddenly moving as usual, because maybe it could be a sign he was experiencing health problems.

If he was not so active at the 36th week until late pregnancy, you need not worry.Because the movement is going a bit slow as it grows in the womb.

Getting ready for breastfeeding. Important really, ya , do if you are planning to breastfeed Small Si exclusively. From now on, try to find out about the benefits of breastfeeding so that you are getting the spirit implement it, how to store breast milk, then what should be done so that mothers breastfeed their milk quality, as well as any prohibition. Spirit!

Pack your supplies for delivery. Persalinanmu Although still far from the date of prediction, it never hurts to pack all the gear needed while in the maternity hospital.So, when suddenly you give birth before the predicted date, you and your partner do not need to be bothered with it.

Learn the ins and outs of the world of labor. You need to know the signs of labor, what process, and various complications that might occur. Learn also how to manage pain during labor either naturally or with the help of drugs or syringes.

Overcome fear before delivery. You might think about some of the worst possible things that could happen to you, like not withstand the pain during labor, hard labor, or other bad things. It occurred as it was a reasonable idea, anyway , especially if this is your first pregnancy. However, do not let the thought that has not been happening that continues to haunt you and make you stress.

To overcome these fears, you are advised to consult everything you fear to a doctor womb. Ask also how to prevent it does not happen. With so feel could be quieter.

You can also ask for tips from people around you who had been through these stressful times like mother, sister, or your friends.

So, just enjoy your last few weeks of the title as pregnant women. No need to think weird. Just think of the good times when Little was already in arms.

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