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Diary Pregnancy: Second Trimester

Finally, you enter mid-pregnancy. In this second trimester, you may already be seen as pregnant women, the stomach has been enlarged. Most women also find it easier to undergo this pregnancy than the first trimester. Even so, you have to keep trying to stay healthy pregnancy up to the time of delivery to arrive.

In the second trimester, the baby's organs are already formed completely. If you talk to him, Little has begun to listen. On his head had also started to appear fine hairs. If you're curious about the sex of your baby, in this trimester you also can start to find out through ultrasound.

There are several things you can do in order to undergo a pregnancy in the second trimester with comfort as well as keep it healthy until delivery. It is advisable to record in a diary so that nothing is missed. Here's the explanation:

Start buying maternity clothes. The clothes your usual may no longer comfortable in your body at this time. So, it is advisable to buy some clothes specially made for pregnant women. But not too much to buy, because the size of your body will still continue to grow.

Keep your mouth. Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy may make you more susceptible to gum disease such as gingivitis (gum conditions that could make the pain, swelling and bleeding). According to some research, the condition is related to preterm birth.

During pregnancy, you are advised to brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride in the morning and evening. Replace toothbrushes every three or four months or more often if the toothbrush bristles have worn.

Apply the lotion in your stomach. Widening the stomach or hormonal changes that occur in this trimester can trigger itching in the area. To overcome such inconveniences, you can apply the lotion in the abdominal area after every shower.

Started sleeping at her side. The enlarged abdomen can make sleep uncomfortable. You can no longer freely during sleep, particularly when sleeping in a supine position, let alone his stomach. Well , with this condition you are advised to sleep by leaning on the side of your body. It is advisable to rest on the left side of your body, because it may be able to improve blood circulation to the placenta and reduce swelling.

To help you get comfortable with that position or for you who are not used to sleeping in this position, you can tuck a pillow behind his back, at the bottom of the pelvis, or in between your feet.

Come Kegel exercises. Pregnancy can make you unable to control the discharge of urine dripping alias to itself when you laugh or a cough. To overcome this, you can do Kegel exercises. These exercises can also tighten the muscles of the vagina, makes sexual activity is much more enjoyable and keep you are not experiencing hemorrhoids. To find out how to perform Kegel exercises, you can read here .

Join a class for pregnant women. By attending this class, you can meet with other pregnant women and can exchange stories about pregnancy. Not only that, you may also be taught how to do gymnastics friendly in pregnancy.

In this second trimester, you are also advised to keep doing all the important things to do in the first trimester, such as taking vitamins and nutritious food, healthy life, drink plenty of water, multiply the break, and stay away from activities that endanger the pregnancy.

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