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Definition Of Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) or lipoic acid (LA) is one of the substances that protect the body from producing abnormal molecules of free radicals. Without the help of molecules which are also known as antioxidants, free radicals will form a chemical reaction that can lead to the emergence of diseases, such as stroke. Alpha-lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant that can be found in potatoes, spinach, broccoli, liver, kidney, and yeast.

Alpha-lipoic acid is used together with other contents in treating various diseases. The workings of these substances are to prevent cell damage. This substance also restores levels of vitamin E and C in the body. Research shows Alpha-lipoic acid may improve the conduction and nerve cell function in patients with diabetes.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

These types of drugsAntioxidants, supplements, and medications adjunct therapy in diabetes

  • as an antioxidant

  • Preventing and treating diabetic neuropathy

  • As a dietary supplement diabetics

  • Keeping moisture and help disguise fine lines on the face

consumed byAdults and children.
FormCapsules and cream


  • Women who are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant, or breastfeeding and children can consume this drug with a doctor's permission.

  • Diabetics who are in care are advised not to consume these medications without consulting a doctor because it can cause blood sugar levels become too low.

  • Patients with diseases of the thyroid gland which is currently in the care of overcoming hypothyroid and hyperthyroid

Avoid the use of alpha-lipoic acid without the knowledge of physicians, particularly in the consumption of high doses.

Dosis Alpha-lipoic Acid

ConditionThe initial dose of
Preventing diabetic neuropathy600 mg per day
Treating diabetic neuropathy600 mg as much as 1-3 times per day
As a supplement for people with diabetes600-1200 mg 1 times per day
as an antioxidant600 mg per day

Alpha-lipoic acid can be taken thirty minutes before meals, without chewing or destroyed, the initial starting dose of 600 mg, either as a supplement or as a stand-alone drug. The maintenance dose and further doses and frequency of consumption of alpha-lipoic acid can vary according to the physical needs based on age, health condition, and the patient's response to drugs.

Alpha-lipoic acid in a cream applied in moderation in the face and neck area. Note the dose on the packaging before you are taking alpha-lipoic acid .

Alpha-lipoic Acid Eating Right

Patients under treatment with alpha-lipoic acid are not recommended to drink alcohol excessively.

Alpha-lipoic acid can lower glucose levels in the blood so that the dose consumed must comply with health conditions, age, and response of the patient's body, especially for people who are taking diabetes medication. Make sure you have consulted with your doctor before taking supplements or drugs exist.

Identify Side Effects and Hazards Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Some side effects that can be caused by alpha-lipoic acid, of which diarrhea, constipation, pain in the abdomen, vomiting, and rash. Other side effects that may appear are muscle cramps, headaches, and a needle sensation on the skin. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms or other symptoms are unusual for the treatment of alpha-lipoic acid.

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