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Being Just Tired Or Sick?

You often feel tired, but had enough rest? Watch Out. Could be a symptom of serious illness.

Feeling tired after a long or when the body is unwell are common. But it's good to check yourself if you constantly feel tired, despite sleeping for eight hours a day.

Medically, fatigue can be a sign of certain diseases in the body. Here are 10 diseases that one of the symptoms is fatigue.

In some cases, depression and anxiety can shed the spirit and makes you experience unbearable fatigue. In addition to fatigue, depression can make you experience a lack of sleep , feeling of worthlessness, impaired eating, and can trigger the symptoms of serious illness.


Iron deficiency anemia is a condition when the decreased production of red blood cells. This condition causes the infected to feel tired constantly. Anemia experienced by about 5% of men and postmenopausal women, but more experienced by women who are menstruating or pregnant. People with anemia will be easily tired, no energy, and felt his muscles by weight. This disease can be detected with a blood test procedure.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

This syndrome is also called  myalgic encephalomyelitis  (ME).  Myalgia  means muscle pain and  encephalomyelitis  means inflammation of the spine and brain.People who have ME generally felt very tired each day until a period of half a year.In addition to fatigue, people usually also experience muscle pain , headache, and sore throat . Although much research has been done, until now not known with certainty the basic causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sleep apnea

In Greek,  apnea  consists of  "a"  which mean no and  "pneuma"  which means breathing or air. Apnea  means no breathing. During sleep, breathing people with sleep  apnea  disturbed because the throat narrows and closes. Forms of respiratory disorders during sleep that makes you wake up feeling tired. In addition to causing snoring,  apnea  can lead to decreased oxygen levels in the blood.


Conditions are more experienced women and the elderly occurs when the levels of thyroid hormone a person is too low. Hypothyroidism makes experience muscle pain, weight loss, and feeling tired. Hypothyroidism can be diagnosed by a blood test procedure.


Diseases that can be diagnosed by a blood test procedure is the current state of the sugar level in your blood is too high. Fatigue is intolerable, to the hungry late following thirst, weight loss, as well as an increase in intensity to urinate is the main symptoms of diabetes .

glandular fever

The diseases experienced by many teens and middle-aged people this can cause a sore throat, swollen glands, fever , and fatigue. The fatigue may even still be felt for months even though all other glandular fever symptoms have disappeared within a month.

anxiety disorder

Naturally, if occasionally a person feels anxious about a few things. But there are some people who have  generalized anxiety disorder  (GAD), which makes them constantly feel anxious every time. Anxiety is often uncontrolled and eventually affect their lives.

Restless leg syndrome

People with restless legs syndrome often feel discomfort in the legs during sleep, especially when lying down. This discomfort will go away if walking or moved. It makes uneasy and difficult to sleep soundly at night. The disease is still unknown but it is believed that the underlying cause of anemia and a deficiency of iron in the body can aggravate this condition.

Celiac disease

Celiac is a disease that occurs when the body can not tolerate substance called gluten . Gluten is a protein contained in wheat flour as the basic ingredient of bread, cakes, noodles. The celiac sufferers immune system reacts negatively to the results of the digestion of gluten. These reactions cause damage to the small intestine wall which ultimately lowers the absorption of nutrients and overall nutrition. Globally, the disease is genetic is experienced by at least 1% to 2% of the population. This disease can be diagnosed by a blood test. In addition to fatigue, Celiac also characterized by anemia, diarrhea , and weight loss.

Merely Tired or Really Sick?

It is difficult to determine whether your condition is simply being tired may refer to certain serious illnesses.

  • Headache

  • Confusion

  • Constipation

  • Insomnia

  • blurred vision

  • Swelling of certain body parts

  • Weight loss for no apparent reason

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