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8 Basic Information About Pregnancy Should You Know

For you who have never been pregnant may be wondering, " Duh , pregnant was like,yeah ?" Or "What should be done during pregnancy?" Quiet, the following basic information can you make the handle to face pregnancy.

It's important to know this basic information so that you can be more ready to undergo a pregnancy. In addition, the period of pregnancy can also be passed comfortably and safely. Here's the explanation:

Signs you are pregnant. One of the major signs you may be pregnant is not menstruate. So when you do not go menstruate on schedule, you can start to suspect.The chances are you are pregnant can be strengthened if the condition is accompanied by pain in the breast, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, or feeling tired.

Once you experience it, try using a test pack or immediately consult a doctor to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

Determine gestational age. There is really no sure way or difficult to know when your body already contains the first day. However, doctors often used the first day of the last menstrual to determine the age of the pregnancy. The date can also be used to predict the date of birth of your baby.

So when you are planning a pregnancy, do not forget to note the date of your menstrual period (first day) of each month.

Pregnancy test. You are advised to check their womb once a month for the first six months of pregnancy. After that, the intensity increases to once every two weeks in gestational age of seven and eight months and once a week at the age of nine months. The intensity applies if you live a normal and healthy pregnancy.

However, you are advised to check their content more frequently if they become pregnant over the age of 35 years, has a history of certain diseases (asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia or obesity), pregnancy complications or risk of having a premature baby.

Routine checkup pregnancy may help doctors monitor your condition and content, such as knowing if pregnancy is problematic, so they can be addressed before the situation worsens or prevent anything undesirable happens in the womb.

So, do not be lazy to see your doctor, yeah .

Overcome morning sickness . The condition is nausea and vomiting often occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. But there also are experienced during their pregnancy. Basically, this inconvenience does not require special medical treatment.You simply make easy ways to cope with it as:

  • Eating foods high in carbohydrates and protein, easy to digest and low in fat.Consuming beverages warm ginger might also be helpful.

  • Drinking and eating more often but with a little dose.

  • Before getting out of bed every morning wakes up, you are advised to eat a snack such as crackers.

  • Avoid strong-smelling foods.

  • Plenty of rest.

If you are still experiencing morning sickness after doing the above, you may need a doctor's help.

Foods that should be avoided. You are a big fan of sushi, steak, or soft-boiled eggs?Wow , when you suggested fasting pregnant first, deh , eating foods that are immature or even still raw. The food can be bad for your pregnancy.

Also avoid eating fruit or vegetables that have not been washed, the food and drink that has not been pasteurized, as well as seafood that contain a lot of mercury such as mackerel.

Is it safe to have sex? If you live a normal pregnancy, sexual intercourse will not adversely affect your condition and the fetus. Any position can also be practiced as long as you feel comfortable.

However, you will be notified by a physician or other medical personnel to not have sex, that is, if pregnant with twins, bleeding without obvious cause, amniotic fluid leaking, cervix open early, placed Previa (placental position lower that could be partially or entirely cover the birth canal), or delivered the baby prematurely.

The bed was comfortable with the stomach contains the fetus. When the pregnancy was the age of five months, you've been advised not to sleep on their backs again, let alone on his stomach. The best sleeping position you can do is sleep facing to the left.In addition, to making you comfortable, this position could sleep with circulation and make the flow of nutrients to the baby went smoothly as well.

To help you sleep on your side, you can put a pillow behind your back and under your belly. `

Danger signs of pregnancy. If you experience things below, immediately consult a doctor:

  • Nausea and excessive vomiting.

  • Pain during urination.

  • The fetus is not actively engaged.

  • Severe vaginal bleeding.

  • Visual disturbances, headache and abdominal pain that occurs constantly and severe.

  • Swelling in only one part of the body or occur suddenly.

Pregnancy is a special moment for a woman. So you as a prospective mother and prepare yourself well. The above information can also be used as a guide for you who are tested positive for pregnancy in order to live a healthy pregnancy.

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