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What to Know About the VelaShape III Treatment - There is an excellent demand for nonsurgical body shaping in my technique. People normally want to enhance the size, shape, and also appearance of the arms, neck, abdomen, as well as legs, without the threats or recovery time associated with procedures.

One of my crucial body shaping gadgets is the VelaShape ® III, an FDA-cleared clinical tool, that is used to renew collagen, affect the dermal framework and connective tissue to decrease the look of cellulite, and boost skin high quality.

Powered by Syneron's elōs modern technology, VelaShape III integrates 3 different powers: Bi-Polar RF (radiofrequency), IR (infrared), and also mechanical tissue manipulation with pulsed vacuum.

The deep warmth generated by these dual powers addresses both the fat and also the skin by shrinking the fat cells as well as stimulating collagen tightening up that improves the overall skin surface for a smoother, firmer shape. The vacuum enhances lymphatic drainage as well as allows the heat energy to penetrate much deeper into the fat layers.

We advise VelaShape III as a nonsurgical service for "bat wings" or the arm area to contour and tone slack skin. It additionally works well for fat deposits and also cellulite on the thighs, butts, stomach, love handles, and also muffin tops, and also can be done on females as well as guys.

Typically, we carry out a collection of 3 30-minute VelaShape III therapies spaced 2 weeks apart. The treatments can be done during a lunch hour since there is minimal pain, rare bruising, or opposite impacts and also individuals could go back to regular tasks right now.

Patients can see outcomes as early as two weeks after the first therapy with best outcomes seen a couple of months after the last treatment. To preserve the outcomes, clients return for extra therapies as needed.

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