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The hidden health benefits of your Christmas dinner - Did you know we eat as much as three times our recommended daily calorie intake on Xmas day? Yet it's not all doom and also gloom. Although the traditional Christmas supper obtains a negative representative, it's in fact a quite healthy meal if we strip it back to the bare bones. We simply should beware of just how much we have.

Brussels sprouts

Your mum was right-- they benefit you. They include more than your daily requirement of vitamin K and a lot of B vitamins, such as folate which is essential in energy production-- you'll be happy for that in the mid-afternoon Christmas slump!


Turkey is a fantastic source of lean protein -especially the breast meat - so opt for the breast and steer clear of the fatty skin. Turkey also contains an amino acid called tryptophan, essential for serotonin production, likewise referred to as the 'happy' hormonal agent.


Potatoes themselves are a good resource of potassium and starchy carbohydrate. However they are best steamed in their skins. Careful with section sizes of your roasties, just 3-4 will do. The disadvantage of roast potatoes is that we commonly remove the skins (where the fibre is). Plus lots of calories are added when cooked in fat (and also the hydrogenated fat in goose fat).


Parsnips are one more source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C. The cooking methods are where things can go awry. Be conscious regarding adding honey or parmesan which include calories to an already hearty meal.


Merlot is rich in anthocyanin, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. But don't think this could give you free regime-- alcohol is 'em pty calories' as well as more than a glass or more will certainly contribute to an already food-heavy day.


Cranberries also contain anthocyanin (giving them their bright red colour) and a lot of vitamin C. Unfortunately, though not much can be gained from the cranberry sauce, just have a little as possible as it has a high sugar material.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon has lots of omega 3 fats, which benefit mind and heart wellness - as well as protein, vitamin D and more, smoked salmon should have a position on your Xmas food selection. Wild seems far better compared to farmed, however, as well as just ensure this scrumptious high-end food does not come to be as well routine a fixture as it does have high salt levels.


Packed with vitamins and minerals that do far more than simply aid you see in the dark, carrots are super-healthy. They also include lots of fibre, filling you up for reasonably couple of calories. However do not overcook them. Not only are soft, washed out carrots unattractive, yet you could lose half of the benefits down the drain.


You understand Xmas is on the means when the huge internet bags of whole nuts appear in the supermarkets. Nuts are abundant in healthy fats and much more nutrients. As a matter of fact, a handful of nuts a day could help fend off cardiovascular disease, says a study in BMC Medicine. Yet they are a little bit high in calories as well as simple to wolf down if unshelled.

Top suggestion: Needing to break the nut prior to you consume it is an excellent means to put on the brakes and also keep portion dimension under control.


Yes, not a keying error! Chocolate, as long as it is abundant in cacao, could give health advantages thanks to anti-oxidants like flavanol and resveratrol that warrant you maintaining the delicious chocolate habit going. So, develop a taste for less pleasant, dark delicious chocolate-- not the basic Xmas choice tin-- and tuck in.

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