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The Cause Watery Eyes And How To Overcome It

When blink, the eyelid glands will produce fewer tears to moisturize your sense of vision and remove foreign objects from him. Tear production becomes more when you are yawning, laughing or crying. But, there are some people who may experience watery eyes continuously.

In addition to salt-containing fluids (tears), other glands of the eyelids also produce oil. These substances can prevent the tears evaporate too quickly.

Watery eyes can occur when oil-producing glands are not working properly. This makes the eyes water evaporates faster and faster making it dries. Dry eyes that stimulate excessive tear production, causing watery eyes.

This condition can also be caused by:

  • Adverse weather or environmental factors around the eyes, like smoke, angina, or light that is too bright.

  • Eyestrain.

  • Blockage of the tear ducts.

  • No foreign objects or chemicals in the eye.

  • Flu.

  • Allergy.

  • Blepharitis.

  • Conjunctivitis.

  • Infection of one part of the eye.

  • Ingrown eyelashes.

  • The influence of drugs.

  • Thyroid disorders.

  • Chronic sinusitis.

  • radiation therapy

  • Tumor.

  • Bell's palsy.

Watery eyes are also associated with age. This condition is common in infants and the aged over 60 years.
How to Cope with watery eyes:

Most, watery eyes do not need special care because it can get better by itself. But sometimes, this condition can become chronic problems that require special handling.

Here are some ways to overcome watery eyes adjusted to the cause:

  • Compress the eye with a warm wet towel for a few times a day can overcome a clogged tear ducts.

  • Eyedrops might use to deal with dry eyes.

  • The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to deal with watery eyes caused by conjunctivitis or other eye infections.

  • If the cause of allergies, taking an antihistamine drug could help overcome them.

  • Minor medical action can be done to cope with eyelashes that grow into or any foreign object in the eye.

  • Your doctor may recommend surgery if the lane blockage in your tear duct.

Watery eyes in infants are usually caused by a blockage of the tear ducts. Usually, the tear duct obstruction in infants can improve on its own without special treatment.

But, you can speed healing by means of massaging the tear duct using a clean finger. Perform a gentle massage starts from the corner of your baby's eyes and ends to adjacent parts of the eye to the nose. This massage can be done for several times each day for several months.

But if conditions do not improve, surgery may be the path can be selected.

Actually, the treatment may not be necessary if watery eyes do not interfere with your daily activities. However, immediately consult a doctor if you experience prolonged watery eyes accompanied by pain, red eyes, irritation, bleeding, bruising around the eyes, severe headaches, visual disturbances, or even make you can not see at all.

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