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Sex Positions Ranked by Riskiness - Broken penis is a very severe type of penile injury, and also inning accordance with recent study, it most frequently takes place in particular sex settings.

You do not have to in fact avoid these placements - but you 'd absolutely be smart to make sure when utilizing them, as a lot of us (males and females alike) don't become aware that fracturing a penis is even possible.

It's worth noting that very few instances of penis crack happen in male gay sexual intercourse, however fracture can sometimes be brought on by over-vigorous self pleasure.

1. Woman on the top

Without a doubt one of the most likely setting to lead to an injury. In 2015, Brazilian researchers - writing in the clinical journal Developments in Urology - reported that, of the fractured penis situations they took a look at, 50% happened when the couple were in a 'female-superior' placement.

It's simple to see why: the lady can move fairly a lot-- as well as an unexpected side motion (like rolling away) could terribly twist the organ. There's a particular risk if the woman is in fact sitting up. If she instantly relocates laterally or in reverse, the penis is stretched much further compared to it was designed to go.

2. Doggie style

In charge of 29% of situations of broken penis, inning accordance with the Brazilian scientists. Once again, there's a slight risk that if the female instantly 'topple' sidewards, she might twist (and for that reason hurt) her regrettable partner's organ-- therefore cause a fracture.

Also, in the 'dog' setting, it really commonly happens that the penis mistakenly comes entirely from the vagina. If that happens, the man's following thrust may strike against some fairly strong part of the woman's body, and also create him (or her) injury.

3. Missionary

In charge of 21% of penis injuries. In the conventional face-to-face setting, the incidence of damaged penis is reasonably low, however again, if he slips out, the individual could misguidedly offer a powerful drive which slams against her pubic bone (or a few other quite strong structure), as well as trigger some damages.

4. Standing

In my own medical experience, I have actually found that 'standing up' placements can cause penile trauma. When a person is standing upright and propelling into his companion, it is quite typical for one or both of them to slide-- and also for the resultant 'twist' to hurt him.

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