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Present Men Want stature as Superhero

Currently in the United States occurred a cultural shift in terms of the image of a man's body. Men "ideal" is muscular. Men become less satisfied with herself and taking drugs potentially dangerous consequences.

"If we see a change for 30-45 years how man portrayed in Hollywood, cartoons, magazines and toys action, we are viewing the body of a man now looks more muscular," said Dr. Harrison Pope, director of the Biological Psychiatry Laboratory at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts.

Unrealistic media images that cause dissatisfaction among men, a problem that is usually experienced by women.

A study last year found American men, as well as women, feel dissatisfied with the physical. Other studies have found that young men who are less satisfied with the shape of her body were more likely than women to criticize yourself and feel depressed.

Other studies have even found that men feel worse on his own after playing video games.

"There is a belief that it was the same muscle with masculinity. We see more and more young men experiencing dysmorphia muscle," said Pope.

The consequences of such a thing can be dangerous. More and more men go to the gym with hopes of transforming himself into a muscular man as the Rock.

Many who use anabolic steroids to gain muscle mass associated with masculinity. Nearly 4 million American men have tried steroids within one point of their lives. Pope according to the invention.

"There is a broad misperception that the use of anabolic steroids is a problem of cheating in sport. In fact, many steroid users that just is not an athlete," said Bhasin Shalender, men's health researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital.

He is also one of the researchers on the team Pope published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Most of the young men that steroid users to improve their appearance," he said.

Potential side effects of steroid anabolics are premature death and neurobehavioral disorders such as impaired thinking and attention. But the Pope said, disturbances of heart because of steroid use is actually the most worrisome.

"There is a lot of literature that mentions the use of steroids can cause cardiomyopathy, in which the heart does not pump blood efficiently or unfilled," said Pope. It can cause an attack of heart or stroke.

It remains unclear how large the risk of disease of the heart because steroids are relatively new phenomena. Pope said the little man to use it in the 1980s. The beginning of the current users aged 50 and 60s, the age at which the heart starts to rain.

Another major risk of the use of steroids is a hormone disorder. "If the use of steroids, the body gets the intake of testosterone from the outside so as to stop producing," said Pope.

Bhasin said this caused problems such as mental disorders Mass suicide.

When he stopped using steroids, testosterone production can cash it is also not normal as usual. Typical male sex hormone deficiency that can lead to depression, irritability, impotence, low sex drive and much more.

Only a few doctors and psychologists are aware of how widespread steroid abuse in the past and not much trained to overcome addiction and dependence on steroids.

Men who want to stop using steroids and did not find help from a doctor may re-use the medicine again.

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