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Open For A Night: You Should Know This Dos And Dont's At The One-Night-Stand

Are you looking for the one-night stand, the fast number without consequences? We prepare you so that you do not experience a bad awakening in the morning.

One-night stands: Open for one night

Where you get to know women: portals, apps and more

Popular strolling places for Flirtwillige are still the bars and clubs of the city. As the alcohol level increases, it is well known that the inhibitions decrease. In addition, you can get to know your one-night stand candidates while dancing and talking, before it may be possible later. Anyone who likes it anonymously will find plenty on the Internet: Besides partner exchanges, which promise the great love, there are also a number of side jumping portals, in which the users have different intentions than one day a ring is put on the finger. This makes the contact search very easy! These dating apps come as that presents you with singles near you. These smartphone programs are also used by adventurous women to find a fast number without obligations.

Sex on schedule: That's how it works with the one-night stand

We have the best tips for tying, seducing and the morning after! Here comes the master plan for your perfect one-night stand:

Correct address
"Be honest to give you when you are nervous," says the erotic author Sophie Andresky ( "What Women Really Want", Haffmans, about 10 euros). What helps against the excitement: Talk to the beautiful stranger, as if you had known each other for years. Tell something that happened to you during the day.

Charmant anbändeln

your new acquaintance laughs a lot? Random touches do not make them frightened? Then be direct. Tell her that you'd rather be alone with her.

Perfectly off
When the shells fall, stay Cavalier - criticism of problem areas is of course taboo! "You'd better flatter her, but make sure it's believable," advises Andresky, but the subject of contraception should be open-minded or condoms should be put in. If the woman does not express her wishes for herself on a night, ask. for as the bed would have's like - you can even (still) do not know

wake Beautiful
. do not forget your manners, you flee after waking not equal out of the apartment, the author: "A common breakfast for the Most women, but go to a cafe where the environment is more neutral. " Always leave the farewell on the cheek or forehead. If you happen to happen to meet you at any time, in any case, salute - to whom sex is embarrassing, one-night stands should be preferred anyway.

Hot sex without commitments: That's how it stays on a one-time night

For a perfect night, follow these tips:

Proper sexual partner
Fremdgänger beware! Let the fingers of your girlfriend's best friend. Even if she promises to be silent like a grave: you do not believe how talkative graves can be. Also ex-girlfriends, sisters of mates and work colleagues are taboo - that gives only trouble!

Proper Sex Etiquette
Even if you do not plan to see again the woman - you are in bed, not only to your own satisfaction from. Make sure you have as much fun as possible in the few days together.

The correct number
are you hoping for more than a one-night stand? Be honest and care for clarity: More than once is not. The old trick of leaving a wrong phone number is unworthy of a gentleman.

No more embarrassing moments: Avoid these mistakes

Have you ever had bad sex? A hot night that followed an embarrassing awakening? According to a Norwegian study, more than 90 percent of all people have at least a negative sexual experience. Mostly at a one-night stand where alcohol was in play. If you do not want to be alone tonight, follow these rules:

No alcohol 
A few beers or cocktails are okay. But be moderate and check your intentions when it gets serious. Is this woman truly a person whom you would like to get acquainted with when you drink only water? If this thought is unpleasant to you, leave it. In addition, too much alcohol is known to cause loading inhibitions in the bed.

No invitations 

hover to her home. This is how you can avoid the problem of complimenting the lady after the one-night stand. In addition, women usually have more tidy dwellings and feel safer in their own homes. Even a hotel room can be very charming and give the situation a wicked note. Another advantage: There are a mini-bar and room service!

No promise 

men they say after a while, they could separate sex and love - and yet also men fall over again at a one-night stand. Do not let yourself be carried away during or after sex. Usually, the butterflies disappear from the belly when the hormone noise has subsided.

Let yourself go, have fun, make the experience memorable. If it is only sex, then at least really good sex.

No bragging
course, you can tell your friends from your adventure. But avoid careless tale stories that make your one-night stand laugh at the ridiculous. Sex is always a question of respect - even if the partner is an unknown.

Our Top 10: Ten Types of One-Night Stands

Sex is not equal to sex. And yet, there are a lot of situations that everyone knows who likes to have an erotic adventure. We have collected ten variations of one-night stands in our gallery - from the flop number to missing gums to the Quickie.

Equal rights for all
one-night stands are a sexual variety, to the many men have fun. This is also completely okay if the fronts are clarified: Tell the woman of your choice nothing of the great love, if you have only a fast number in mind. If, however, both sex partners agree and the fronts are cleared up, nothing speaks against a hot night - especially if you are single. Tied men should think beforehand what would happen if their partner should be behind. Especially in long-term relationships an occasional adventure can bring a fresh wind and does not necessarily mean the end of love. You should, of course, grant this right to your partner as well.

Benefits: What One-night stands makes so hot

the way: Nearly half of Germans is according to a survey open to a one-night stand, the global average is 58 percent. The most experienced are the Portuguese (81 percent) and the Brazilians (76 percent). They seem to appreciate the benefits of fast sex most. Men and women feel a very different one-night stand: while 80 percent of men feel comfortable and bursting with self-confidence, only 54 per cent of women find such an adventure satisfying. This resulted in a study of the British University in Durham. Most of the men had the need to tell friends about it after a one-night stand, according to Anne Campbell. Many women, on the other hand, regretted their sexual adventures and felt "used." They were afraid of their reputation and thought they had let themselves go, Campbell said. "For most women, sex is not a leap into a lasting partnership One-night stand is actually fundamentally abolished, according to Campbell, since hormonal fluctuations of the female cycle but the pleasure influence, nevertheless, many can be, the psychologist explains.More than 1,700 men and women were questioned, the results were in one issue Of the specialist magazine "Human Nature".

What the surveyed women may not know: One-night stands also offer many advantages for the female sex. In the case of an unknown person, shy people can also fall completely and slip into a completely different role - for example, the cool business lady or the seductive femme fatale. In addition, endorphins are released during sex: these happiness hormones flood the body, improve the blood circulation, reduce stress and light up the mood - this applies to both sexes. So why do not give up on this kick as a single?

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