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Fetus Stop Moving? 6 Tricks Make It Here!

Fetal movement may be a sign that the Small Si grow normally while in the womb. However, do not panic if you find fetus suddenly stops moving. Try to do the following trick to lure him move!

Generally, you can already feel the fetus moving roughly in the age range 18 to 25 gestational weeks. The movement may continue to occur until the time of delivery to arrive.

So, why the fetus could stop moving? There are several reasons that underlie it, as he probably asleep, his body has been enlarged so that the womb does not provide enough room for him to move, he may lack oxygen, or he is not energized because they do not receive adequate nutrition from you.

Here are the tricks that you can use to lure Little moves:

  • Try to make noise. You can set the music too loud sounds or raise the volume of the television to see if there is a response from within the movement there.

  • Drinking something very cold. Cold water can change the temperature in your body and Little possibly could feel the change. This could make the move to find a gap to make it a comfortable temperature.

  • When your body keeps moving, Little may feel like being swung so make soundly asleep. Try to stop move your body for a moment, because it may be awakened.

  • Eating something sweet to lure move.

  • Try to position yourself on the conditions that can make the body uncomfortable. It might make Little stretching her body as also felt discomfort.

  • Lie on the left side of your body. This position can facilitate the circulation, where it can trigger the fetus becomes more active.

If you begin to feel the movement of your stomach after practicing tricks above, the possible conditions your fetus fine. However, you should still monitor his movements in order to avoid things that are not desirable override Fruit Heart.

If you do not go feel your fetus move after providing stimulus for a few days or if he did not move at least ten times in a span of two hours, immediately consult a doctor womb.

When consultation these circumstances, the doctor will check the condition your fetus such as monitoring the heartbeat or check the amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds it and measure the size of his body. If everything in normal circumstances, you can go home, but to be more vigilant with this condition.

Keep track of the movement of your fetus to make a record daily fetal movement. Notes are simple and widely used is the time required for the 10 movements. For example, in the 30th week Monday, the fetus moves 10 times from at 10:00 to 10:50 (Total: 50 Minutes). Do the same on the following days.

If you're not feeling fetal movement or movements diminished each day, immediately consult another gynecologist.

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