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Whitish Annoying And How To Overcome It

Disturbances of vaginal discharge can greatly interfere with daily activities. However, not to worry excessively about the problem of femininity. Only, you need to know the proper way to handle it.

Vaginal fluid actually the body's natural way to cleanse the sex organs. Normally, the liquid looks clear or slightly cloudy, odorless and does not trigger itching. Generally, vaginal fluid will be more and more viscous before menstruation.


Signs Whitish Not Normal

Changes in odor, color, and texture to the vaginal fluid or vaginal discharge are often called, is likely to occur due to infection. Some of the causes include fungal infections, viruses, bacteria, or an allergic reaction to the chemicals from soaps, vaginal sprays ( spray ), or in the clothing materials.
Some characteristic whitish disturbing and need to be treated, among others if enough liquid, smelling, or trigger itching, heat and swelling around the vagina. A whitish interrupt can also cause discomfort during urination or intercourse.

Whitish common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes. Changes in texture and volume of vaginal fluid as the body attempt to prevent infections that can affect the unborn baby. Before delivery, vaginal discharge can be triggered by the baby's head which further depresses the cervix or uterus.

To relieve the symptoms of vaginal discharge, can begin by keeping the vagina in pristine condition . Use warm water when cleaning the vagina. Wipe from front to back after a bowel movement. Advised to choose underwear made of cotton and not too tight.

How To Overcome Whitish

If symptoms of vaginal discharge are getting annoying, treated according to the cause. Vaginal discharge due to infection can be treated with anti-fungal medications or anti-bacterial applied to the vagina or in the form of drugs consumed.
Whitish caused an allergic reaction or irritation can be done by avoiding the cause. Try replacing the soap, detergent, sanitary towels or other objects that trigger it. Provision of topical medications can also help symptoms that interfere.

Eating yogurt contains good bacteria widely mentioned can help reduce infections that cause vaginal discharge. However, clinical studies show, overcome vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection causing pathogen vaginosis by using feminine hygiene containing povidone-iodine as a suppository (inserted into the vagina) is more effective when compared to capsules containing the bacteria blastobasids.

After two weeks of use feminine hygiene containing povidone iodine, appear decrease pathogenic bacteria and increase the good bacteria in the vagina. Meanwhile, the consumption of Lactobacillus capsule effectively eradicate pathogenic bacteria in the first week and declined in the second week. Conclusions This study shows, povidone iodine antiseptic treatment of relatively effective to increase the good bacteria in the sex organs and does not require additional consumption of Lactobacillus.

Another study conducted on more than 60 pregnant women who received treatment povidone iodine suppository for 7 days in the third trimester of pregnancy. The pregnant women experience vaginal infections due to pathogenic bacteria and fungi that can be complicated to the mother and fetus. As a result, safe for the fetus because no fungi thyroid abnormalities in babies born.

The researcher recommends the use of feminine hygiene containing povidone iodine for treating vaginal infections (caused by bacteria, fungi), prevents infection of the uterus (intrauterine), and restore the presence of the normal vaginal flora.

If whitish protracted and very disturbing, consult a physician. Inform about symptoms experienced along with color, texture and how much whitish incurred for proper treatment.

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