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Considering Nursing Home For The Elderly And Alternatives

In Asia, including Indonesia, nursing homes still rarely used selection as the place of the elderly ( the elderly ) live the old days. And with weighing various benefits and alternatives that can be obtained, the elderly are likely to enjoy a happy old age.

Elderly who are still active in daily activities or who is physically already limited due to chronic disease will require assistance to be able to live a prosperous and affluent.

There are various ways to help the elderly live the old days. Here are the various alternatives.

Nursing home

Forms of elderly care in individual countries and regions will vary. Traditionally, elderly care is generally the responsibility of the family, but this situation may be different or changed in places where the number of nuclear families continues to decrease or woman who serves as a housewife also busy with routine outdoors.

In such situations, the nursing home can be the right choice. Nursing homes are reserved homestead elderly people (elderly) with supporting facilities most needs and filled with special activities. Usually in Western countries, the nursing home of choice for older people because it allows the elderly to remain independent without having to depend on to a child.

While in Asia, including Indonesia, the majority of elderly people prefer to live at home alone or with the children. Nevertheless, there remain a nursing home facilities. However, nursing home facilities in Asia are generally run by the government.

Elderly independently at home

Most other elderly people in Indonesia who do not live with children or other relatives, preferring to stay at home. In that situation, in order to secure and support their daily activities, it is important to change and add certain things in the house the elderly , such as:


  • Place the handle on the side of the toilet and the bathtub to avoid falling or slipping.

  • Squat toilets might be difficult for the elderly. Replace it with a toilet seat can be much more helpful.

  • Placing additional lighting.

  • Rearranging furniture or furniture to better fit the needs and do not harm the elderly.

  • Place the paper or memorial to mark the location or circumstances.

  • Find out the various equipment, applications, and arrangement of space that may be needed for the elderly, especially those bearing certain conditions.

  • Place the paper or memorial to mark the location or circumstances


Care Can Be Obtained in Nursing Home

Generally, nursing homes providing care facilities that meet the various aspects of the needs of the elderly, such as health / physical, emotional, social, especially for those who have a chronic illness or physical disability. Therefore, the nursing home is an alternative option for seniors who require 24-hour assistance at home. Some examples of mentoring obtained in a nursing home are to help the elderly to eat, bathe, dress, and perform various other activities. As a consequence, this kind of care costs which may not be less.

The days of the elderly are not always identified with gloom and break continuously. Many elderly people who in fact are still able to enjoy old age with a walk, doing social activities until they actively exercise. The purpose of this assistance is to make independent elderly in daily activity and still capable of active mobility.

At least, a family member can invite seniors to socialize according to their interest, such as the elderly fitness clubs, instruction, or follow the cooking group. Elderly may also be invited to play a game that activates the brain, such as crossword puzzles, chess or card games. If still possible, actively working again can be a fun and rewarding activity for the elderly who still want to contribute. Other simple things involve the elderly in caring for family members as they feel very happy if it can play a role in the care of grandchildren or other relatives.

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