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Beware Shortness Of Breath When You're Pregnant And How To Overcome It

Shortness of breath during early pregnancy is one complaint that is often experienced.In addition to knowing the causes and how to overcome them, it is important to be alert for signs of shortness of breath dangerous.

Many pregnant women who experienced shortness of breath. It is estimated that more than half of all pregnant women have ever experienced it. Greater risk of breathing difficulties in the mother pregnant with twins or who gain weight a lot.

Process Adaptation Body

Although many people think of shortness of breath occurs toward the end of pregnancy, in fact blown during early pregnancy can occur, namely in the first trimester or second trimester.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, an increase in the hormone progesterone can lead to shortness of breath. The hormone progesterone stimulate the brain to send messages to the lungs take in more air. Thus, pregnant women often feel the need of taking a deep breath more often. This is how the body adapts during pregnancy, as well as gain more oxygen to the fetus.

Meanwhile, shortness of breath that occurs in the third trimester occurs because the uterus urgent muscles under the rib that has contributed to the lungs. Pregnant women are likely to breathe easier few weeks before delivery, because the baby is already moving down towards the pelvis.

How to overcome

Here are some ways that can help pregnant women breathe easier:

  • Adjusting the sitting position

Sit up straight and pull the shoulders back. The sitting position will provide sufficient space for the lungs take in oxygen is needed.

  • Avoid the rush

Although pregnant women can stay active doing various activities. Avoid rush attitude when on the move and do not push yourself.

  • Take time to relax

Although not easy, pregnant women who experience shortness of breath are advised to take the time to relax. Tensions will only lead to shortness of breath more pronounced again. If necessary, relax at the same time used to rest.

  • Use an extra pillow

If shortness of breath is felt when a sleeping position. Pregnant women can use some extra pillows which support the back.

  • light exercise

Less body fit can trigger shortness of breath during early pregnancy. Light exercise during pregnancy will give the body a chance to get more oxygen. Mild exercise mean pregnant women can still talk without shortness of breath. One option is a special yoga for pregnant women. This exercise will train at the same breathing stretches that can improve posture.

Vigilant Hazard

Although classified as normal, it is important to know the condition of shortness of breath during pregnancy is considered dangerous. 

Be wary if women experience the following conditions:

  • Shortness of breath accompanied by a rapid heartbeat

  • Shortness of breath with lips, fingers, or toes that are pale or blue.

  • Shortness of breath accompanied by cough continuously with fever, chills, or coughing up blood.

  • Shortness of breath with chest pain. Besides shortness of breath when lying down or going at night should also be wary of.

  • Severe shortness of breath, followed by loss of consciousness even after conducting exhaustive.

These symptoms above may occur suddenly or rapidly deteriorates. Immediately consult your doctor or the nearest hospital. If you experience shortness of breath during early pregnancy, do not ever hesitate to make a complaint to your gynecologist.

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