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Alert, Not Wise Financial Advice Could Make Your Life Is A Mess, You Know

There is a saying that money is not everything in this world. But in fact, life can be interrupted if you do not manage money wisely, where it can lead you to the financial problems.

Your health is one that will have the disorder. In terms of both physical and mental, both can be interrupted if you have financial problems.

You might think, while it's good to have money spent on the use and meet all the things that you want. Your salary every month disappeared just like that, without the provision set aside for savings in the future. You spree, buying or crediting something that might not be what you need.

Then come to the hour that you least expect, where you are required to disburse a sum of money in a short time. But what power you have no savings whatsoever. As a result, you might choose a debt here and there. Your salary each month now is not enough to support life, because you have to pay crediting goods not paid off, the debt plus interest, and other things. This is where you begin to experience the chaos of life due to financial problems.

So, what are the negative effects due to financial problems in your life? Here's the explanation!

Impact on mental and physical health. According to experts, people who have financial problems may experience financial stress. This is one type of chronic stress because those affected can lead a healthy lifestyle. For example undergo unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, or use illegal drugs. Well , maybe you feel better when living habits like that. But, feeling comfortable is only temporary. Once the effect is over, you can again become stressed or even more stress than ever.

Stress is also very closely related to several diseases such as:

  • Stomach ache

  • Diabetes

  • Migraine

  • sleep disorders

  • obesity

  • Hypertension

  • Decreased sexual desire

  • Heart attack

Your ability to think clearly are also declining due to experience financial stress.
Family harmony disrupted. The stress that you experience can make it difficult to control my anger. You may be more often angry and fight with your spouse and your children. It can impact on the overall condition of your family. Couple and son can also experience stress due to see the pattern you behave.

Your relationship with the couple also is decreased, due to conditions such as most people chose to stay away from his sexual needs.

So, lest you run into financial trouble, yeah . Plan well your spending each month. Set aside a percentage of your salary to meet their daily needs, indulge yourself and your family, as well as to savings in the future, either in the form of saving or investing.

Having financial preparation can also make your mind calm, stability becomes psychologically and physically healthy.

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